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Six Head ROPP Capper


  • Cap feeding applied by elevator belt, fast cap feeding speed with limited noise. 

  • Cap fall-off structure is refined, with no downwards cap fall-off. 

  • Open cap storage drawer, no need to disassemble cap elevator base. 

  • Automatic sorting caps, sealing caps, assure sealing 100%. 

  • Low noise, high quality, eliminate rate less than 0.1%.

Technical Parameter

  • Capping heads: 6 

  • Production speed: 5,000-6,000B/H 

  • Bottle type: glass bottle 

  • Bottle diameter: ¢50-100mm

  • Bottle height: 130-300mm 

  • Suitable cap type: ROPP Cap 

  • Motor power: 0.75Kw 

  • Voltage : 380V, 50Hz 

  • Overall dimension: 900X700X1800mm 


  • Machine frame: carbon steel 120X45 channel steel 

  • Work table plate: 1.5mm 304s.s 

  • Frame: 1.5mm S.S 304 

  • Window: white transparency synthetic glass 8mm thick) 

  • Motor: 0.55KW

  • Reducer: WP 80 

  • Conveyor reducer: 0.37KW 

  • Conveyor chain: engineer plastic 

  • Auto cap elevator: 0.37KW


Single Head ROPP Capper

Technical Parameter

  • Capping heads: 1

  • Production speed: 1,500 - 2,000 B/H 

  • Bottle type: glass bottle 

  • Bottle diameter: ¢50-90mm

  • Bottle height: 130-300mm 

  • ROPP cap size: ¢28X16mm

  • Twist-off cap size: ¢42X8mm

  • Motor power: 0.37Kw

  • Voltage : 380V, 50Hz

  • Overall dimension: 800X650X1800mm

ROPP Capping Machines – ROPP Cappers

Many customers ask us what ROPP is and the simple answer is Roll On Pilfer Proof closure.  Simply put it is an unthreaded aluminum shell that is placed on
and pressed down onto the bottle neck while thread forming wheels spin around the shell and press against it to conform to the existing threads of the bottle and locking ring. In many respects a ROPP capper resembles a chuck capper although since it is not torquing a cap there is no clutch mechanism
required.  ROPP capping machines are available  as a single head to
multiple head high speed rotary systems. The big advantage of a ROPP capper is that it is sealing the product at the same time it is providing tamper evident security.

Automatic Rotary ROPP Capping

Rotary ROPP capping equipment is available from 4 to as many heads as needed to meet the production requirements.  A ROPP rotary capping machine can be a stand-alone machine or integrated into a Dual-Modal or Tri-Modal filling, capping and rinsing monoblock.  

We highly recommend you call us to discuss your product and production requirements to configure the best system for you.  Call (888) 845-9476.